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A fun event is a safe event. 

We produce overall event planning and security solutions for corporate and public events with years of experience. Event control and its planning are an important part of event security. In terms of safety, good advance plans and orderlies are essential.

Security arrangements

aita kulunohjausaita jv järjestyksenvalvonta vartija vartijointi turvallisuusjärjestely turvallisuus tapahtumaturvallisuus ajoeste pitagone raskaseste

The task of the order supervisors is to maintain order, prevent and investigate disturbances and dangerous situations at the event. Through us, you can get professional JV card holding supervisors, security guards, traffic planning and traffic controllers. The entirety includes fences, traffic signs, relocation notices and their installation.

Caasila security solutions for corporate and public events. 

- Personal protection
- Organizers & traffic controllers

- Security planning
- Event notifications & official notifications
- Safety and rescue plans
- Regional planning
- Traffic arrangements
- Area fences and fencing, road signs, road barriers

Special services, e.g. Security guards for VIPs, VIP cars and chauffeurs and other necessary services.

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