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Pitagone mobile barrier ajoeste keskusta turvallisuus

Pitagone Barriers

Pitagone F11 & F18 road barriers prevent damage caused to the public by vehicles. 

Pitagone ajoeste siirrettävä kärryllä tapahtuma turvallisuus

Moving and installing Pitagone barriers does not require heavy equipment or any work machines during the installation phase. If necessary, the fenced area can be opened without work machines, for example for maintenance and rescue vehicles.

Pitagone ajoeste helsingin keskusta turvallisuus tapahtuma estää onnettomuudet turva-aita liikenteen sulku

- Security barriers are intended for temporarily closing traffic and securing the area.
- Safety barriers can effectively stop cars and vans, as well as a truck traveling at a speed of up to 50 km/h.

- Erection of fences is practical and fast
- The storage and transport box makes it practical to transport and store the modules.


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