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InfoPylon opaste helposti asennettava mainos ja opastetuote opastelevy mainoslevy betonijalusta pylon


Large, easy-to-install advertising and signage product. Quick exchange of information surfaces as a standard feature. 

Possible to install without the implementation of cast-in foundations or other expensive installation solutions. The advertising surfaces can be changed in about a minute thanks to the groove fastening on site at the destination (advertising boards are pre-made in the tape production facilities).

  • Versatile uses

  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

  • Sturdy and durable

  • Good vertical stability (no traditional wind problem)

  • Can be moved, for example, with a crane or pump cart

Through us:​

  • Production and taping of information surfaces

  • Transportation of products to the destination and installation

  • Also content design services as options:

    • Material exchange services and updating

    • Maintenance control agreement

The total weight of the finished product is approx. 130 kg with the concrete base

Board Dimensions

Height: 185 cm Width: 50 cm Depth: 50 cm

Dimensions of the concrete footing

Width: 70 cm Depth: 70 cm

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+358 40 657 1100 

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