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Kontio Kruiser 2.0 Long-Range

We offer Kontio Cruisers for short or long-term rentals. We deliver the equipment and provide instructions for the rented devices. The Kontio Cruiser 2.0 Long Range is an electric scooter that makes getting around easy. It's an excellent mode of transportation, especially for events and festivals where long distances need to be covered during the day.

With the dual battery and two-seater, long-range Cruiser 2.0 Long Range, you can travel further - the dual batteries provide significantly more kilometers. This means up to 230% more range compared to the standard Cruiser. The Cruiser doesn't require a driver's license, insurance, and there's no age limit for its use. You can ride it with the power of the efficient 1000 W motor, just like a bicycle.

kontio cruiser sähkömopo sähköscootteri Vuokrattavana Kontio kruiser 2.0 Long-Range malli vuokra Electric scooter rental Helsinki

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